The Wealth of Health with Chef Dr. Mike

For your health & dining pleasure, we bring you Chef Dr. Mike. He is a board-certified interventional cardiologist, professional chef, and Professor of Culinary Medicine at The University of Montana.

Learn simple changes that include:

  • having your kids help you in the kitchen
  • check for non-GMO labels
  • put the package back on the shelf if it has more than 5 ingredients
  • and—why our attention is like a pizza!

3:17: be proud of this, instead!

4:35: when kids cook, they reap benefits into their adulthood

5:22: 4 simple things to remember

7:47: attention is like a pizza

8:14: shift from mindless eating to focus and give a moment of thanks: the attitude of gratitude—shifts us from reward center to a center of love and that reduces inflammation!! Be there (with every bite) for the whole pizza!

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