Daily Coronavirus Check-in: How to keep your kids safe on apps like Messenger and Tik Tok

My 8 year-old daughter hacked my Instagram. She got into my phone and shared a delightful video of herself and her friend, welcoming everyone to ‘her’ Instagram page. Honestly, this generation are so digitally savvy and it feels like they’ve become even more so during Covid when we’ve been on screens more using technology to stay in touch with family and friends. While I thought I could stay on top of this quickly changing landscape and know the difference between Tik Tok and Musical.ly, I feel like their knowledge is quickly surpassing mine. They’ll be rolling their eyes at me as I try to video call someone on Roblox in no time…So with Facebook’s kid's messenger service taking off and kids wanting to start their own YouTube channels or play Fortnite, how do we keep them safe and help them make the right decisions about their digital footprint and who they can talk to online? I put in a call to Colin Anson, the CEO of pixevety, a leading child image protection app developed in Australia for some advice.


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