#22. IVF Behind The Scenes Reality Check: Ever Wondered How & Where Your Embryos Are Stored?

Ever wondered what they do behind the scenes in an IVF clinic? Have you ever pictured where and how your embryos are actually stored? 

  We're joined by two guests from TMRW Life Sciences, IVF mum and CEO Tara Comonte and embryologist and Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Specimen Services, Cynthia Hudson for an eye-opening episode about the realities of life on the other side of IVF.    TMRW Life Sciences have pioneered the world's first and only automated platform for the safe management, identification and storage of frozen human eggs and embryos - and when you realise exactly what goes on at the very centre of the IVF process, you'll wonder why this sort of tech isn't already in place.    A must-listen for anybody starting or undergoing treatment, to help you be completely informed about your choices.   Contact: jelliediary@gmail.com.    Follow Jellie on Instagram and Facebook. Check out their vlogs of documenting every step of their three IVF cycles in 2016, 2018, and 2021.    Join their warm and friendly (and small!) IVF/TTC support group on Facebook.