#24. Expert Ep: Top Embryologist Victoria Wigley On 'All About Embryology' A Groundbreaking New Support Service

We welcome experienced clinical embryologist Victoria Wigley to the show to discuss the role that embryologists play when it comes to their patients. Victoria tells us all about her new independent embryology consultation service, ‘All About Embryology’, set up to support and advise patients going through fertility treatment, and shares key pieces of advice for couples starting out on their journey.

  An insightful episode into how embryologists work, and a must-listen for couples going through treatment.    Show notes:    You can contact Victoria via her website: All About Embryology and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.   Ask Victoria happens on the first Tuesday of the month at IVF/TTC support group on Facebook.    Contact: jelliediary@gmail.com.    Follow Jellie on Instagram and Facebook. Check out their vlogs of documenting every step of their three IVF cycles in 2016, 2018, and 2021.    Join their warm and friendly (and small!) IVF/TTC support group on Facebook.