#18. The Girls: How To Survive Infertility At Christmas

Welcome to our second all-girls episode of The JelliePod, featuring your host, Ellie Thompson, and guests Helena, Catherine and Anya. We've got together for a special Christmas ep to discuss infertility at Christmas, and to offer support to those going through it.     We tackle a variety of issues surrounding struggling to conceive and fertility at this time of year, sharing our own experiences of infertility at Christmas. We ask why it's such a painful time of year, and discuss how to prepare for those inevitable questions from family  'Is 2022 the year you'll start your family?!'. We check out what Google has to say when it comes to offering up tactics and distractions for dealing with infertility at Christmas, and share advice on how to deal with grief, and most importantly, how to say 'no'.    Come and join us, and if you need extra support, please join our Facebook support group: IVF/TTC: A Place To Talk.    You can follow Anya's journey here: @i_m_calm_just_infertile   If you found the episode helpful, please do give us a 5 stars thumbs-up, it really helps to spread the word in order to help more couples going through this, especially at this time of year.