#19. Expert Ep: What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy In The 2WW And What Is Womb Healing?

The latest Jelliepod ep has dropped!    We invited womb healer and fertility coach Vicki Renz from Oh My Mama Body to the JelliePod to chat about the possibility our wombs are holding us back from TTC. Vicki's mission is to help women heal their fertility and trauma through womb healing.    We take a walk on the holistic side of town tonight, as we quiz Vicki on the concept of womb healing and the importance of being in tune with your body. Vicki talks us through how to spot the symptoms of ovulation, and how she thinks you can tell if you've achieved your BFP before test day.   Vicki tells us all about her womb healing sessions, how they work, as well as her use of essential oils for helping balance your mood during your menstrual cycle and beyond - and we ask her about the influence of the placebo effect.    A really interesting episode, with a fair few laughs along the way.    Show notes   Womb Healing for Fertility: https://ohmymamabody.com/womb-healing-sessions-preg/   Free 5 Step Guide to Self Womb Healing:  https://wombhealing.ohmymamabody.com/wombhealing-lp1