#17. Guest Ep: Founder Of The IVF Network Charlotte Gentry on IVF After 40

On this episode of The JelliePod we’re joined by Charlotte Gentry, Founder of The IVF Network, the UK’s first-ever IVF broadcast membership community. After prioritising her career throughout her 20s and 30s, by the time Charlotte found love and married her husband, Adam, in 2017 she was 42 years old - an age when falling pregnant naturally can be difficult.

After six emotional and challenging years of treatment, and 6 rounds of IVF (in both the UK and the US) Charlotte fell pregnant with her son and gave birth to him on 17th April 2020. However, the journey to pregnancy demanded a lot of Charlotte’s time and energy – and came with a heavy price tag. 

Charlotte hopes that through The IVF Network, she can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all the info you could need when making decisions around IVF – because she never wants others to experience what she personally went through.

The IVF Network has only recently launched, and is aimed at men, women and couples undergoing fertility treatment. It offers exclusive access to the country’s top industry specialists through live and interactive studio broadcast events, online content with bespoke advice and support, as well as an inclusive patient-led community.

Show notes

For free access to the The IVF Network until 15th January, click this link: https://theivfnetwork.memberspace.com/member/plans/19b3272f6p

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