Jumping In On PLNT Burger, Eat The Change & Honest Tea With Seth Goldman (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

Seth Goldman spent 24 years building Honest Tea from an idea to a leading global beverage. But on May 23 Coca-Cola announced they were discontinuing the brand citing supply chain and COVID-19 impacts. 

Over the last few years he launched Eat the Change and PLNT Burger, extending a career that has been spent providing us with a healthy - and environmentally friendly - choice in what we consume.  

For this episode Fran Racioppi asked Seth to Jump In to discuss Coke’s decision, what he learned from building a brand that changed the way we drink, the rapid growth of PLNT Burger and which mushroom jerky and carrot chews to try first. 

Seth’s not done with tea yet. He’s fighting back to refill the hole the loss of Honest Tea will create in the market as he just announced the launch of Just Ice Tea - coming soon to a store near you. 

Learn more about Eat the Change and PLNT Burger at eatthechange.com and PLNTburger.com - and on social media @eatthechange & @plntburger. 

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-PLNT Burger is now in 12 locations; 10 located in Whole Foods and two new stand alone locations in New York City. (4:30)

-Seth explains the importance of democratizing healthy eating options and making it available to all consumers. (6:45) 

-Coca-Cola has decided to discontinue Honest Tea (the brand Seth built from scratch) citing supply chain issues and further investment in Gold Peak. (8:19)

-Seth explains how the market opportunity, producers and consumers still exist for a brand like Honest Tea. (9:03)

-Seth is launching Just Ice Tea to fill the gap being left by the closure of Honest Tea and explains the theory behind the name. (10:50)

-Fran asks Seth to share the lesson from Honest Tea. (15:01)


-”I love healthy and wealthy consumers; but that’s not the goal of the businesses I run.” (6:03) 

-”We’ve got to make these products taste great, be price accessible and fun.” (6:32)

-”A small group of business people decided that shouldn’t be around anymore. It doesn’t mean the market opportunity disappeared.” (9:03)

-”That’s how we have to respond; because we know the market opportunity is there.” (10:31)

-“All the core ingredients…the tea and the sweeteners…will be fair trade certified.” (11:26)

-”There’s no downside to acting on the things that you believe in.” (15:25) 

-”There is such a thing as Karma in business.” (16:36)


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