Jumping In with Picked Cherries: Co-Founder Stuart Goffman (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

While at Podfest, Fran Racioppi and special guest co-host, Juliet Hahn, Jumped In with Stuart Goffman, Co-Founder of Picked Cherries to discuss how he is disrupting podcasting promotion, how a life-changing stroke in his mid-30’s gave him a new perspective, how a friend’s death has driven him to help others who suffer from addiction, and what it’s like to produce a reality TV show. 

Take a listen, download Picked Cherries, and share your favorite part of this episode with all your friends. If you are not picking cherries, are you really listening to podcasts? 

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-Stuart explains the vision behind Picked Cherries and how the platform is streamlining the way listeners and podcasters share content they find engaging. (3:47)

-Picked Cherries bridges the gap between podcasters and listeners very much the same way that Co-Founder Jeff Hoffman built Priceline.com and Booking.com to bring travelers and hoteliers together. (5:38)

-Fran and Juliet explain from a podcasters perspective how Picked Cherries is solving the biggest challenge podcasters face when distributing content.” (7:27)

-Stuart suffered a massive stroke at 35 years old after taking a recalled medicine tablet after which he lost his speech and was paralyzed for over three months.  (11:54)

-Stuart founded a rehabilitation center after losing his friend, Paul, to substance abuse. (16:44)

-Addiction Unplugged was a TV show on A&E started by Stuart to humanize the addiction and mental health of those struggling with substance abuse. (18:33)


-”Picked Cherries…I’m picking a 60 second clip called a Picked Cherry.” (4:48)

-”Share podcasts like never before.” (7:16)

-”You are solving one of the biggest challenges that podcasters have.” (7:27)

-”We took an isolated event…listening to podcasts…and made it a shared experience.” (9:09)

-”I had a major stroke. It took me about three months to say anything.” (13:26)

-”It humbled me. Apparently I was a little bit arrogant.” (13:46)

-”As an entrepreneur I wanted to learn and then help people.” (18:20)

-”Everybody’s voice needs to be heard.” (20:03)

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