#069: Readocracy: Co-Founder & CEO Mario Vasilescu

We live in a world completely consumed by information. Mario Vasilescu says society is in the middle of an information epidemic in which we suffer from Infobesity, Information Pollution, and how we are the victims of Information Warfare. 

In this episode Fran Racioppi met Mario at the Betaworks Studios in New York City to discuss the epidemic, the importance of the information commons, and Mario’s keys to freedom, resilience and control of what information comes our way. 

Mario is the founder of Readocracy, a knowledge management platform giving users credits for consuming real information, by real people, in real time. Our first amendment gives us the right to free speech; but shouldn't we also have the right to choose what we are forced to consume? 

Find out more about Mario at Readocracy.com and follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @1upm. 

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-An information epidemic has arisen as social media platforms push viewers content based on their engagements and interactions vs the quality of the content. (4:33)

-Mario explains how the validity of the Information Commons has degraded as the information commons has shifted from expert-based to anyone with a cell phone. (8:46)

-Mario breaks down his three lenses on the information crisis: Infobesity, Information Pollution and Information Warfare. (25:54) 

-Fran and Mario discuss Brandolini’s Law and the difficulty in refuting trolls and misinformation. (47:24)

-Freedom of speech is an inherent right that is solidified when we are given the opportunity to choose what we consume. (55:18)

-Mario challenges us to consider how much of what we consume should be classified as entertainment vs news. (1:00:39)

-Readocracy is Mario’s way of fighting back to create freedom, control and resilience in our information consumption. (1:10:17)


-”This system doesn’t really care about quality. It cares about quantity. And that is where  it becomes a race to the bottom.” 

-”The internet is our collective conscience. It’s our collective mind. Our hive mind basically.” 

-”Nobody is telling you what to believe. At least they are just giving you the context. That’s the ultimate freedom because you can think for yourself.” 

-“What about our information diet and how we feed our minds.” 

-”Your identity becomes ‘how can I pull more attention and these simple metrics.’” 

-”Is it normal that somebody with over 100,000 followers should have zero responsibility?” 

-”You do need to be more vigilant when you’re online and taking information.”

-”Brandolini’s Law…the bullshit asymmetry principle.” 

-”You should be allowed to say whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else should be forced to listen.

-”Readocracy is making how you inform yourself matter.” 

Mario’s 3 Foundations to Success

-Think at 90 degree angles to remain at the leading edge of curiosity

-Maintain emotional calm

-Workout and play hockey

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