#062: Sean Lake - Co-Founder of BUBS Naturals, Professional Athlete, Marketing Executive

Sean Lake and Glen Doherty grew up best friends, teammates and roommates as they chased their childhood dreams of adventure. Glen became a Navy SEAL. Sean became a professional athlete and marketing executive at Burton Snowboards and DC Shoes. 

In 2012, Glen lost his life in Libya defending American interests and freedom. To honor Glen, Sean helped launch the Glen Daugherty Memorial Foundation. Sean co-founded BUBS Naturals as a tribute to his best friend, Glen "BUB" Doherty, who was heroically killed in Benghazi. They produce supplements for athletes, the Boston Red Sox, and just about anyone who has pain in their body and joints.

Host Fran Racioppi and Sean Lake hop into the back of the Land Rover Ambulance at Sandlot Jax to talk about Glen, their life together as extreme athletes, the importance of collagen protein and MCT Oil, and what it means to truly live in the service of others. Take a listen, then try Sean's morning routine for a clear mind, from meditation to lemon water.

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-The value of collagen on the body, its effect on youthfulness and longevity, and how it improves joint and gut health. (3:00) 

-Sean breaks down the components of collagen, what it’s made of and why it’s important to supplement our diets. (7:50) 

-BUB Naturals gives 10% back to The Glen Doherty Foundation. 

-Glen and Sean were both fueled by adrenaline and extreme sports as they moved to Utah to become pro skiers and snowboarders. (12:10)

-As Glen went on to become a Navy SEAL, Sean worked for Burton Snowboards alongside the biggest names in extreme sports like Shaun White and Tony Hawk. Sean later worked for DC Shoes. (13:50)

-The fitness community is built on shared hard moments; something GORUCK and CrossFit have set the example for. (19:57)

-Fran asks Sean to expand on his first foundation of daily success and explain how he meditates each day. (41:00)

-Sean talks about the importance of responding vs reacting to situations. (41:56)


-”Joint health. Gut health. Sign me up for the joint health.” (4:31)

-”The amount of amino acids that’s in collagen is through the roof.” (8:03)

-“Whatever we do, we gotta do something cool for charity.” (9:17)

-”If I haven’t made it as a pro skier by the time I’m 25, I’m gonna join the Navy and become a SEAL.” (13:14)

-”If you knew him, and you guys cracked a beer; Fran he’s your best friend.” (17:25)

-”When you choose a hard moment, you’re truly seeing what you are capable of.” (22:30)

-”You have to suck; and then gradually you learn a new skill.” (24:50)

-”Little known fact…we are the collagen provider for the Boston Red Sox.” (37:17)

-”I want to build a life where I am responding to situations.” (41:57)


Sean’s Three Daily Foundations to Success:

-Active meditation to establish focus

-Make the bed to complete one task

-Drink a warm glass of lemon water before anything else

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