#067: Podfest 2022 - Podcast Hosts Larry Roberts, Michael O'Neal, and Jennifer & Paul Henczel

Podfest is the world’s largest community of podcasters. This year, host Fran Racioppi was invited to speak at, and emcee, the military track,  so he invited our guest from Episode 53 (and fellow Podfest speaker) Juliet Hahn to co-host a combined Jedburgh Podcast - Your Next Stop series of Podfest episodes. 

In this Podfest compilation Fran and Juliet sat down with Podfest Newsletter Editor Larry Roberts, longtime podcast host & creator Michael O’Neal, and podcasting couple Jennifer & Paul Henczel to talk Podfest, branding, interviewing, YouTube and how being crushed alive led to a career in podcasting.

Read the full episode transcription here and learn more on The Jedburgh Podcast Website. Check out our video versions on YouTube.


-Larry explains how Podfest has grown from a small group of podcast hosts sharing their best practices to a Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for event size. (7:45)

-Fran and Juliet ask Larry to explain his branding and why it is important to develop and live a unique quality that stands out. (10:45)

-Larry discusses the importance of sticking with your passion, being adaptable, learning and his new show Bitcoin Impact. (16:25)

-Michael shares how to compete in podcasting and the balance between providing value and being an entertainer. (26:30)

-Fran, Juliet and Michael discuss the importance of interview preparation, guest experience and how to ask questions that foster deeper conversation. (30:39)

-Michael describes the challenge YouTube poses to content creators and shares his lessons on how to build a channel without “friends, fakes or family.” (38:00) 

-Paul was crushed alive by 12,000 lbs of wood in a workplace accident, changing his life, his relationship with Jennifer, and bringing him to international speaking. (50:48) 

-Fran, Juliet, Jennifer & Paul discuss parenting and how working together has brought Jennifer & Paul closer together; especially after Paul’s accident. (1:07:51)


- “I’ve landed speaking gigs because of the red hat.” (12:04)

- “Find that one thing that stands out and own it. Live it. Be it.” (13:38)

- “Find your niche. Find your drive. Find your desire. And find your message.” (17:22) 

- “If someone’s gonna flip over from NPR to my show, I don’t want there to be a drop off.” (27:09)

- “I focused on being interested and not interesting.” (30:21)

- “You’ve got to use the platform in the way that the platform was designed.” (40:16)

- “My journey actually started with my traumatic near-death workplace accident where I was crushed by 12,000 lbs of wood.” (50:48)

- “That’s what my story did. It took me from injured mill worker to international speaker.” (54:03)

- “We’ve always very decisively chosen to stay positive.” (1:08:52)

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