#063: The Ready State - Co-Founder Dr. Kelly Starrett

Mobility is one of those areas where preparation can’t be faked and it can’t be shortcutted. While down at Sandlot Jax and the GORUCK Games Fran Racioppi sits down with Dr. Kelly Starrett, Co-Founder of The Ready State, bestselling author, and physical trainer for many of the most elite athletes in professional and olympic sports for a conversation on movement, mobility and human performance. 

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-Longevity is something everyone can work towards and not something that requires money or access to special resources. (4:00)

-Our daily routine affords us opportunities to adjust our behavior to get more out of each activity; such as sitting on the floor vs the coch, or fidgeting vs remaining still. (7:32)

-Kelly forces Fran to define stretching and mobility in his own terms and puts him on the spot to understand his own bad habits and longevity-limiting practices. (7:50)

-Training is about challenging positions in a way that stresses your systems in a variety of different environments. (14:30)

-Kelly compares the ease of extending the longevity of professional athletes to our military service men and women; explaining the ease by which we can extend the service-lives of our operators if we focus on mobility. (18:50)

-Fran asks Kelly to describe how we ingrain performance longevity principles into youth athletes and junior leaders. (24:55)

-Pain is the ultimate diagnostic tool and indicator of performance potential; Kelly describes how to use pain in the development of fitness and nutrition programs. (30:01) 

-Kelly explains how constraining our environment to do the right thing allows for ease of decision-making and removes the reliance on will-power. (46:16)


-”How do we come out unharmed…or less unharmed…really with the view of being 100.” (4:05)

-”Position is the root of everything. Do you have access to your positions and shapes.” (5:11)

-”How do I get seven bottom lines out of a single practice.” (7:21)

-”Let me ask you this…do you stretch…no you don’t.” (7:58)

-“If position is the thing, then I’m using exercise and training to challenge position.” (13:42)

-”Speed is the great arbiter…speed is the sport of position.” (14:19)

-”Resting state of the human being is pain free… let’s use pain as a diagnostic tool.” (30:15)

-”People are durable…and we don’t have to get it right the first time. We just have to get it right, better, tomorrow.” (38:07)

-”Supple Leopard was this idea…let’s just give you your access back.” (39:36)

-”Oftentimes I’m trying to constrain the environment so I don’t have to make another choice.” (46:17)

Kelly’s Three Daily Foundations to Success:

-Protect sleep to maximize potential

-Walk around and move more throughout the day to decongest tissues

-Eat enough fruits, vegetables and proteins

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