Jumping In with Wodapalooza's Aaron Anderson - VP of Business Development at Loud and Live (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

For the final conversation of the 2022 GORUCK Games Fran Racioppi asked Aaron Anderson, the VP of Biz Dev at Loud & Live to join him for a discussion on Wodapalooza. Taking place in Downtown Miami in January, Wodapalooza hosts over 3000 athletes and over 45k fans. Competitors range from the elite to the regular joe.

Aaron breaks down the different events, provides his opinion of what the future has in store for the fitness industry, the importance of gratitude and gratification and why the best part of working out is being done. 

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-Aaron and Fran breakdown Wodapalooza’s history, the community it builds and the inclusivity around it’s variety of events. (3:20)

-Wodapalooza allows athletes of all levels to come to Miami in January to participate at their level on the same course. (4:40)

-Aaron shares his history in producing live events and the excitement behind them. (9:40)

-The evolution of functional fitness is changing the fitness industry, competition and how Wodapalooza designs the competition. (14:15)

-Fran asks Aaron to predict where the fitness industry is going and what we can expect in the next phase of working out. (16:00) 

-Aaron defines the need to balance functional fitness, bodybuilding and endurance work.” (18:18)


-”Wodapalooza is focused on the community of fitness.”

-”It doesn’t have to happen on the competition floor. It can be cerebral.”

-”Under the Miami lights. Under the neon lights.”

-”There’s very few of these athletes where this is a hundred percent their day job.”

-“They're not just there to compete, collect a check and go home.”

-”The best part about my workout is when I’m done."

-”Keeping the event unique is always a very exciting challenge.”

-“If we can continue to create that wow moment, then we are doing a good job.”

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