Jumping In with F45 Training: Military Director Michael Nichols (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

F45 Training debuted their new training trailer at Sandlot Jax right next to The Jedburgh Podcast. After a day of watching group after group pushing themselves to the limit, host Fran Racioppi brought Michael Nichols, the F45 Director of Military Operations into the Land Rover Ambulance for a discussion on F45, working alongside Mark Wahlberg, and their newly launched Veteran Impact Program. 

Mike and Fran also discussed Mike’s career in the Marines and how fitness, and F45, gave him a new purpose in life after his military career. Take a listen then check out our YouTube page as Mike gives Fran the grand tour of the trailer before enjoying some Jersey Mike’s Subs.  

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-F45 currently has 3300 studios in 67 countries across the globe; including Iraq and Afghanistan. (3:20)

-Mike transitioned from a career in the Marine Corps to leading a convenience store franchise, something he knew nothing about, but pursued with an open mind and willingness to learn. (4:35)

-Mike shares his entrepreneurial story of building a fitness business while working at the Department of Veteran Affairs. (7:40)

-The F45 Veteran Impact Program consists of five initiatives: Provide employment opportunities; DOD Skillbridge program; DOL-approved Master Fitness Trainer Program; Franchise ownership; Place an F45 training program on every military base. (13:05)

-Mike’s three daily foundations of success consist of waking up early, working out and giving thanks.  (22:30)

-F45’s investment in software technology and optimization is a differentiator in scaling fitness programs across all franchise locations. (26:20)


-”Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.” (6:32)

-”Be committed, not inspired.” (8:26)

-”F45 brings people together for the common cause, which is fitness, and they build a community around it.” (10:23)

-”The long term goal is to place an F45 training solution on every military installation around the globe.” (16:26)

-”We are partnering with MWR/MCCS to provide them combat readiness solutions.” (17:33)

-”We can’t help every service man and woman, but every starfish that we can grab and throw back in the water…we are changing the game.” (24:35)

-”Failure is inevitable, progress is optional.” (27:41)

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