Jumping In with Alpha Elite Performance Founder & Green Beret Travis Wilson (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

Fran Racioppi had the chance to Jump In with Alpha Elite Performance Founder Travis Wilson while covering Sandlot Jax and the GORUCK Games. Alpha Elite Performance is a supplement company dedicated to the Special Operations Truth #2: quality is more important than quantity.

Travis and Fran catch up on their time in 10th Special Forces Group, Travis shares his motivation to start Alpha Elite Performance, and how his new sleep aid is making an impact across the supplement industry. 

They also talk about the lessons learned from his nine deployments, the importance of integrity and being honest, raw and flawed; and how a canopy collapse during a night training jump changed his life. 

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-Travis shares the vision behind Alpha Elite Performance and how he started the company based on quality over quantity. (4:47)

-GBNT Sleep is the latest release in the line of Alpha Elite Performance products and is helping people get the REM sleep they need. (5:49)

-ODA Supergreens detoxes the body. (7:36)

-Travis entered the military to follow in his parents footsteps, serving first as a medic in the Army before being selected for Special Forces. (8:28)

-Travis describes how the integrity and character he learned in the military are applied to his entrepreneurial efforts.  (11:35)

-Fran asks Travis to share what he has learned from his parachuting accident which resulted in 13 surgeries and a new take on life. (13:10)

-Travis describes what it means to be honest, raw and flawed; and how at 47 he is still learning. (17:21)

-Fran & Travis reminisce about being on the same base in Iraq, FOB Paliwoda, during 2005-2006 and the type of combat operations they conducted there. (20:41)

-Rally & Recover is the newest oral rehydration supplement by Alpha Elite Performance. (23:45)

-Travis reveals the upcoming event trailer that is about to launch. (25:17)


-”It’s not my first time in the back of an FLA with another man.” (3:47)

-”There has to be a problem and we come up with that solution” (5:45)

-”I wanted to be in the Air Force. I wanted to be a PJ like my Dad.” (8:38)

-“I just always wanted to be more than what I was. (10:17)

-”Your reputation precedes you and integrity goes along with that.” (12:36)

-”They said it sounded like two rocks slapping together when I hit the ground.” (14:08)

-”I haven’t grown, but I’ve just decided to keep moving.” (17:05)

-“I think that we’re all flawed. I haven’t been perfect.” (17:30)

-”I’m 47 years old…I’m still learning from the things I messed up in life.” (18:05)

-”If you didn’t get hit on the way down, you were getting hit on the way out.” (23:03)

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