Jumping In with United War Veterans Council (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

The United War Veterans Council is the keeper of the New York City Veterans Day parade. Their lineage dates back to the Spanish American War of 1898. Today they are led by Veterans of modern conflicts, Executive Director Mark Otto and Chairman Nick Angione. Host Fran Racioppi had the privilege to serve as the UWVC Treasure and emcee of the parade in 2018 and 2019. 

Mark, Nick and Fran Jump In for a conversation on the parade, the history of UWVC, their careers as devil-dogs and what it means to continue to serve our veteran community through health and wellness programs. 

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-UWVC organizes and manages the Veteran’s Day Parade in New York City; a tradition that dates back to the armistice of World War I. (3:00)

-Mark and Nick share the history of the parade, how Vince McGowan saved it from failure and the size it has grown to today. (4:00)

-Nick shares his career in the Marines. (5:58)

-In addition to the parade, UWVC runs a Health and Wellness program designed to aid any Veteran in need through integrating them into a community of other Veterans. (7:58)

-Mark shares his the incredible story of his birth to an American soldier father and Vietnamese mother during the Vietnam War Tet Offensive. (10:10) 

-Mark recounts his service during the Powell Doctrine days in some of history's most prominent conflicts: Panama, Grenada, Desert Storm and the Border Wars. (14:21)

-Mark carried the American Flag for 1000 miles to raise money and bring awareness to Veteran mental health. (17:02) 

-Fran, Mark and Nick discuss why meaningful relationships are the core of community building. (19:10)

-UWVC provides the much needed connection to others that many Veterans lost when they left service; including partnership with Jon Bon Jovi. (23:20)


-”It’s the largest parade in the country that honors Veteran service.” (4:51-Mark)

-”Though we didn’t do things at the same time, we did a lot of the same things.” (6:29-Nick)

-”Our commitment to service is not just about celebrating Veterans on Veterans Day. It being able to outreach to the most needing of Veterans.” (8:07-Nick)

-”I am a war child. I was actually conceived in Vietnam.” (10:19-Mark)

-”You also have a nickname though…you are Green Beret Burrito Guy.” (18:55-Mark)

-”Everyone who’s here…to help the team…is here because I asked them.” (20:54-Fran)

-”They’re just not used to someone saying ‘hey, thank you.’” (27:16-Nick)

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