Guest: Sasi Yajamanyam - The State of Customer Success Today

Join us with guest Sasi Yajamanyam, a leader in the world of customer success. Sasi has built numerous customer success teams and programs over the last 15 years and now he is in the process of publishing a book about customer success.

Sasi shares his insights into the evolution of customer success and where we are today. He shares his ideas about some of the challenges, opportunities, and current trends in customer success.



Sasi Yajamanyam has built customer success programs at small and large organizations over the last 10+ years. Currently, he is building ‘at scale’ customer success programs at ServiceNow. Before ServiceNow, he built a global customer success team from ground up at CEB (now Gartner) and served as an advisor to CIOs at large organizations..

He believes customer success is ‘everyone’s’ job but leaders lack tools to make that happen. His upcoming book Next Gen Customer Success is about re imagining customer success, and providing a guide to the c-suite on how to build a customer-centric company.




SASI'S BOOK: "Next Generation Customer Success"

Sasi's new book is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2021. You will be able to buy it on Amazon and other online booksellers.


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