Guest: Jack Choppin - The Power of Networking

In this episode, we sit down with Jack Choppin. Jack is the head of Client Success at Go Proposal. Jack has recently been on a proactive effort to expand his professional network. He has been doing it not to find a new job, but to grow as a professional, expand his insights and skills, and connect with others so they can mutually grow from their shared connections.

In this episode of The Jasons Take on, Jack will be sharing his insights about what it is like to network in the customer success community, how to do it effectively, and how to use your network to grow your skills as a customer success professional.

About Jack Choppin

Jack heads up the Client Success team at GoProposal, A Pricing, proposal, and engagement letter software that enables accountants and bookkeepers to price consistently, sell more confidently and minimize risk across the entire firm. 

Jack started life out in Account Management before joining James Ashford as he set up GoProposal. From being the sole employee Jack has been able to shape the Client Success offering at the business since day one. 

Connect with Jack

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