Guest: Marty Kaufman - Proving the Value of Customer Success

In this episode, we sit down with Marty Kaufman, Founder & Pricincipal at Infinipoint. Marty is an exceptional leader in the customer success and customer experience space. This is his second time as a guest on The Jasons Take On…

In this episode, Marty talks about proving the value of customer success. He shares his powerful matrix framework that all CS leaders can use to help others recognize the impact customer success is having for their customers and their own organization. See the detailed show notes on to view his matrix.



Marty operates at the complex intersection of growing companies and the customer experience; ensuring each touch-point is memorable to the customer and valuable to the company in driving sustained revenue growth and customer retention. He has led and advised executive leadership teams from start-up organizations to Fortune 100 companies and government entities.

 Throughout his career, he's operated across multiple industries and functions and brings this diversity of experience in aligning strategy, structure, process, and people to drive organizational performance and deliver proven results to organizational challenges.



Infinipoint is a customer retention consultancy operating at the complex intersection of growing companies and their customers. Navigating this space is especially crucial for B2B and XaaS providers as their eventual success requires--demands--they build customer retention into their DNA.

 While customer experience and retention might be one team’s formal “job”--it is everyone’s responsibility. Infinipoint works with all customer-facing teams--sales, support, success, onboarding & implementation--as well as product, marketing, and CX. We help clients align strategy, structure, people, processes, technology, and metrics to deliver outsized customer retention without similarly outsized costs.



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