Guest: Jared Orr - Career Journeys in Customer Success

Customer success is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing career fields. There are many ways to break into the field and to navigate your customer success career.

Today we are joined by Jared Orr, who is here to talk about his career journey. Jared is very well known in the community and customer success is a big contributor to a number of the communities out there like CS insider, practical CSM, and your very own success. Jared has his own blog, the Customer Success Whisper, and also is the host of his own podcast.

Come learn Jared’s route to career success and get inspired to grow your own customer success career!



Jared started his client-facing career while attending university. He worked part-time at a Human Resources outsourcing company. While there, he worked in sales operations, onboarding, and implementation. 

Upon graduation, he decided to try his hand at front-line sales. After six months at what he thought would be a great opportunity (sales job disguised as telemarketing), he decided to make a career change. June of 2018 he accepted his first job in Customer Success and hasn't looked back. 

He now works as a CSM for a global software company that creates virtual data rooms. He's started his own blog site, Customer Success Whisperer, and has recently started a podcast where he interviews successful entrepreneurs (many of which are in the CS/CX space). 

He also is heavily involved in the community as a contributor to sites like Success Chain, CS Insider, and Practical CSM. 








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