Guest Ross Fulton: Operationalizing Your Customer Success Strategy

In this episode, we sit down with Ross Fulton, CEO of Valuize. Ross helps B2B software companies build industry-leading customer success strategy and operations. Ross brings unique expertise in aligning strategy, operations, technology and data to make sure customer success teams are delivering results and growing profits.

Today Ross is going to share his insights around how effectively customer success strategies and how to operationalize them. So many organizations struggle to develop effective customer strategies, or to implement them in a way that delivers the desired results, and I am looking forward to hearing Ross's perspective on how companies can do this better.


About Ross Fulton

As CEO of Valuize, Ross helps enterprise B2B software companies, including VMWare, Splunk, HashiCorp, Datto, PointClickCare and Wolters Kluwer, build industry-leading customer success strategy + operations. Prior to founding Valuize, Ross spent over 16 years scaling industry-leading software companies on both sides of the Atlantic. With a mission to empower today’s B2B software leaders to retain and expand their customers, Ross is passionate about fusing customer success strategy, technology, and operations to drive sustainable growth.


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