Guest Marten Jagers: Turning Strategy Into Outcomes

In this episode, we sit down with Marten Jagers. Marten is a co-founder of a great technology company called #StratApp. #StratApp is a fantastic tool for helping you define your business strategy, and then drill down to your daily work, so you always know what you should be doing and how it contributes to achieving your goals.

Marty is going to share his expertise and experience on where organizations struggle with building out their strategies and then actually turning goals into outcomes. Marten's insights apply if you are building out an overall business strategy, or if you more focused, such as how to define and implement your customer success strategy.

About Marten Jagers

Marten is passionate about his family, health and building technology that helps organisations achieve genuine digital transformation while seamlessly delivering value to every employee through a world class 'connected workspace'.

Marten is the co-founder of 'strategy+execution+collaboration' start-up #stratapp, Board Member of ‘Where Traveller’s Connect’ start-up Travello, ex-MD at Concur and Coupa and an angel investor in start-ups like EarthTech who are passionate about positively impacting the world we live in! 

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