Guest: Esben Friis-Jensen - Maximizing Product-Led Growth

In this episode, we sit down with Esben Friis-Jenson, Cofounder and CRO at User Flow to discuss product-led growth. Esben shares his insights and experiences helping organizations move from sales-led to product-led growth models. He discusses some of the benefits, challenges, and action steps you can take to become a product-led growth organization.


About Esben Riis-Jensen

Esben Friis-Jensen is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Userflow, a no-code builder for in-app onboarding and surveys, allowing SaaS businesses to be more product-led. Prior to Userflow, Esben co-founded Cobalt, which today is a 200+ employee company. At Cobalt, Esben was a part of a product-led growth initiative and this piqued his interest to go all in and start a company in the space. 


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