Teresa Shea: Jinx Johnson

On our season 5 premiere, we are joined by the incredible Teresa Shea. Teresa has served

more than 35 years in intelligence and defense within the public and private sector. She served

as Executive Vice President of Technology and director of Cyber-Reboot at In-Q-Tel. She joined

In-Q-Tel after a distinguished thirty-two-year career with the National Security Agency (NSA,

where she held several key leadership assignments during her career culminating as the

director of Signals Intelligence. Teresa is currently the President of Oplnet, LLC. She serves on

numerous boards and is an advisor with a passion for a safer and more secure Nation.

Join us as Teresa discusses the importance of trust as a leader, leading through difficult

situations, and the power of smiling through adversity.

Show Notes:

● (2:15) Barbie, The Movie

● (2:20) Georgia Institute of Technology

● (06:04) Edward Snowden, NSA Data leak

● (06:10) Dr Geoffery Stone, University of Chicago

○ Report and Recommendations of The President’s Review Group on Intelligence

and Communications Technologies (Dec 2013), “Liberty and Security in a Changing World”

● (7:34) NSA, Privacy and Civil Liberties Office

● (25:10) The Character of a Leader: A Handbook for the Young Leader by Donald Alexander

● (36:06) What Will Matter by Michael Josephson

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