Kristin Wood: The Conductor

On this week’s episode of the Iron Butterfly podcast, we are thrilled to share the incredible story of Kristin Wood. Kristin brings with her 20 years of career experience from CIA, with service in the analysis, operations, and digital innovation directorates as she pursued transforming and building new capabilities within the agency. She was a President’s Daily Brief briefer for Vice President Cheney and his National Security Advisor, in addition to building and leading CIA’s Advanced Analyst Program, served as the Deputy Chief of a Middle East-focused operations division. She concluded her government service as the Deputy Director of the Innovation and Technology Group at the Open Source Center. 


Kristin is now the CEO and President of The Grist Mill Exchange, which is a platform that allows commercial data providers and government customers to connect seamlessly to acquire data and information for the use within Federal government. We are so excited to share her story.

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