#38: Online dating & matching markets - Dr. Josue Ortega (QUB)

Today we are chatting to Dr. Josue Ortega of Queen’s University Belfast. Josue is an expert in matching markets. These are essentially markets without money. Normally we use prices to allocate goods to those who value them the most - How do figure this out when we don’t have money? And what if both sides of the transaction have preferences, like matching employees to jobs or single persons to a romantic partner?

This last point is something which Josue has done a lot of work on. In particular, he has explored the impact that online dating has had on the matching process – what factors result in matching ‘success’ and how online dating has changed the pattern of matching, particularly with respect to the diversity of romantic couples.

A very interesting topic and hopefully we don’t take the romance out of dating by discussing it here!

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