#057 - Dr. Valter Longo: The Fasting Mimicking Diet, Eating For Longevity, High Vs. Low Protein, Ancestry Diets, Meat Vs. Plants, Rebuilding The Gut, ...

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Dr. Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and Biological Science and Director of The Longevity Institute at the School of Gerontology at USC, is one of the world's premier experts on living longer, healthier lives. He's been dubbed "The Guru of Longevity" by TIME Magazine. Dr. Longo is interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of aging in yeast, mice and humans by using genetics and biochemistry techniques and identifying the molecular pathways conserved from simple organisms to humans that can be modulated to protect against multiple stresses and treat or prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and other diseases of aging. The focus is on the signal transduction pathways that regulate resistance to oxidative damage in yeast and mice.
Dr. Longo's new book, The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight, is the one-stop guide to his research and philosophies on aging healthier and extending life expectancy. It's medical approach is based on his 5 Pillars of Longevity, where each pillar looks at several key factors that influence our chances of optimal health. The practical application of which combines a healthy, every day, pescatarian eating plan (the "Longevity Diet") with a 5-day fasting-mimicking diet, or FMD, done intermittently throughout the year. 
4:00 - Dr. Longo's Background
5:20 - What Are The Longevity Diet And Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD?)
6:20 - How Does The FMD Compare To Intermittent Fasting?
9:00 - How Does The FMD Compare To Keto?
10:55 - When Should Someone Do A FMD?
13:45 - What Are The Health Benefits Of the FMD?
15:05 - What Is Prolon?
17:07 - How Does Dr. Longo Feel About Homemade Versions Of The FMD?
17:07 - How Does Dr. Longo Feel About Homemade Versions Of The FMD?
21:30 - What Is Juventology?
22:40 - How And Why Should You Eat Based On Your Ancestry?
25:00 - What Commonalities Are There In The Blue Zones?
27:50 - How Far Back Do You Need To Look In Determining Ancestral Diet?
29:10 - What About People Who Suffer With GI Distress From Lots Of Plant
34:05 - What About People Who Thrive On Higher Protein Diets?
36:45 - Tips For Rebuilding Gut And Adding In Foods? 
36:45 - Tips For Rebuilding Gut And Adding In Foods?
38:45 - Should You Use Probiotics?
40:30 - Why Are We Seeing So Many Degernative Diseases Today?
42:20 - How Does Mindset Affect Our Food And Immune System?
44:00 - What Does The Longevity Diet Look Like? 
48:35 - What Are The Five Pillars Of Longevity?
52:55 -...