Water Pressure and The Owl of Minerva

Water Pressure & The Owl of Minerva

Amanda and Marco are heading to Chicago and back but before they do that they will chat about their recent tour of the Art Gallery special gift. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [00:00] Ad free listening is now available
  • [01:38] Amanda gets her nails done.
  • [02:38] The hosts discuss the Leonard Cohen exhibit at the AGO.
  • [03:38] Marco tries to figure out AI programs.
  • [04:38] Our postman and some tulips talk.
  • [06:15] Water main servicing and what our host are doing to mitigate the effects of it.
  • [08:38] Garden Hose talk.
  • [10:00] Neighbourhood gossip.
  • [13:11] Marco talks about water pressure.
  • [14:38] Amanda needs access to a variety of food.
  • [15:38] The Owl of Minerva.
  • [17:28] Billy Bishop Airport and its delights.
  • [19:22] Aisle or Window?
  • [22:03] Amanda checks Uber & Lyft while Marco orders the wrong pizza.

Resource Links:

The Owl of Minerva: www.owlfamily.ca

Quote: “Like a cucumber with a comfy duvet” - Amanda

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