The Sauna Episode

The Sauna Episode:

Our hosts find themselves in a hotel room in Ottawa where the fan seems to have a mind of its own.

Very little of the conversations deals with the city they happen to be in, with the exception of a walk Marco took to the Glebe area of the city. Rather they hosts get on the topic of Sauna's and let the heat take them away and the discuss:

  • what makes a good sauna
  • their first sauna
  • their favourite saunas
  • saunas around the world
  • the difference between a steam room and a sauna
  • the wonderful city of Thunder Bay

Resource Links:

Kangas Pancake/Sauna

Hoito Restaurant (pancakes)

Niva's Pancakes (the one Amanda could not remember)


The Glebe (Ottawa neighbourhood)

Bota Bota

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