The Backpack Episode

The Backpack Episode

Amanda gets a new backpack so we delve deep into backpacks. There is nothing in the episode that you need to stay and listen to so feel free to drift off to sleep…and if you don’t well we are hear with you. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [1:00] Ad free listening is now available
  • [1:15] Amanda buys a new Backpack.
  • [7:29] We hear about her old Backpack.
  • [7:53] Amanda rules out some Backpacks.
  • [10:12] What’s in Amanda’s Backpack?
  • [12:30] Colour of the backpack.
  • [14:30] Things that don’t bother us when we search for backpacks.
  • [17:12] Marco talks about his blue backpack.
  • [19:00] Marco’s favourite surprise backpack item.
  • [21:01] Champagne Luggage.
  • [23:09] Special secret back for wet clothes.

Favourite Quote:

“I remember saying: ‘it doesn’t owe me anything…I’ve used it till it was threadbare.” (Amanda)

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