Tattoos & Birds Part II

Our part two of Tattoos & Birds we take flight and welcome back friend of the show Nima Kharrazi host of the podcast: “My Gastric Sleeve”. We focus on birds of prey and raptors and Nima makes a lot of bird sounds including the sounds of flying fists in box match. They talk about their favourite bird including Marco’s Snowy Owl,Wild Turkey and Common Loon sighting. 


● We learn that hummingbirds chirp.

● A deep dive into the aggressive behaviours of Blue Jays (the bird not the baseball team).

● The various apps that capture birds without any hard to this egg laying animal. The Merlin App and The Wingspan App.

● Marco attempts to describe the call of the loon.

● An in-depth look at the Canadian one dollar and two dollar coins affectionally known as the “loonie” and “toonie” and the disappearance of the Canadian

copper penny.

● Nima explains the complexities and challenges of spending his Persian New Year two dollar bill.

● Ruby and Emerald throated hummingbirds, Mockingbirds, Screech owl.

● We answer the question “what happens when you put kestrel, the domesticated pig or Marco in the wild”?

● The Splendent Quetzal is a shoulder tattoo bird and Nima explains why and learn the fabricated story that Nima tells his father.

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