Tattoos & Birds Part I

We welcome back friend of the show Nima Kharazi host of the podcast: “My Gastric Sleeve”. The ink is dry on this episode where we chat about tattoos and birds. The journey begins with a tattoo experience Nima has that doesn’t go quite to plan. We learn about what “your Persian flaw” means. We delve into birds as Nima explains why his next tattoos will feature these fine feathered friends in this first of two part episode.


● We learn to never sit in an impatient tattoo artists’ chair.

● We revisit why the Peonies is the official flower of The Insomnia Project Podcast.

● We find out the next tattoo that Nima will be getting on his wrist in 4 days! (10/10 at 10 am).

● Nima tells us how different birds represents members of his family.

● Advice on exactly where to get a wrist tattoo.

● Nima shares some advice he learned from musician Brian Setzer, “never get a tattoo you can't cover up, when you are infant of a judge”.

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