Belts, Hats and Painter's Tape

Well...Amanda and Marco takes us on a journey of Belts, Hats, and Painter's Tape, they also do a deep dive on other things Amanda stores like nail polish and the difference between paint and ceiling paint. Will Marco mention his favourite hat, the "toque"? Only one way to find out...

The Insomnia Project is 26 minutes of mundane conversation to help you drift into a state of slumber. 

Follow along the conversation without really being interested; if you don't get to the end because you fall asleep, well you paid us the biggest compliment. 

On this sleep podcast episode: Marco and Amanda talk about items Amanda' has stored like her belts, hats and nail polish and Marco talks painter's tape and ceiling paint. Today's podcast is really like watching paint dry.

Host: Marco Timpano

Producers: Drumcast Productions

Theme Music: Royalty Free

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