Puzzling & Herb Gardening

Episode Description: "Puzzling and Herb Gardening"

On this episode of "The Insomnia Project," hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker dive into the puzzling world and herb gardening. They kick off the show by taking listener topic suggestions, exploring the intriguing realm of puzzles. However, both hosts admit to not being avid puzzlers. Amanda shares her lack of enthusiasm for puzzles, while Marco introduces an idea for a unique puzzle game he calls "Poozle" (which is not as questionable as it sounds).

Shifting gears, Marco and Amanda delve into the realm of gardening, particularly herb gardening. They discuss their personal experiences with cultivating herbs in their own gardens. As they explore this green space, the conversation takes an unexpected turn towards Madrigal songs—a delightful surprise for any keen gardener.

Marco also shares his frustration with the Basil industry, shedding light on the challenges faced and his efforts to combat them. Amanda contributes by revealing the one herb she would rather avoid having in her garden, adding a touch of humour to the conversation.

To conclude the episode, Marco offers valuable gardening tips to help listeners cultivate their own herb gardens successfully. Finally, they invite listeners to connect and share topic ideas through their various social media channels.

Don't miss this episode of "The Insomnia Project" as Marco and Amanda explore the world of puzzles, herb gardening, and everything in between.

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