Persian New Year

Persian New Year 

We welcome back guest Nima Kharrazi from the podcast My Gastric Sleeve and they chat about Nowruz also known as Persian New Year. Marco discovers the beauty of this celebration and of course makes a math connection he can’t quite figure out. 

This episode happens to be a longer episode, as we really delve into this celebration of the New Year.

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [1:30] Ad free listening is now available
  • [3:10] Nima tells about his podcast My Gastric Sleeve.
  • [7:09] We get information about what Persian actually means
  • [9:55] Nima tells us about Persian New Year.
  • [11:40] Difference between the New Years.
  • [14:40] Marco tells of his tingly feeling which also reminds him of a Tragically Hip moment.
  • [16:45] Marco tells of red underwear New Years tradition.
  • [18:26] Nima tells about something Marco said, that he never forgot that Marco completely had forgotten.
  • [25:56] Nima gives us the bonus content of Persian New Year.
  • [26:28] Jumping over fire.
  • [35:28] House Shaking.
  • [36:00] Breaking the Earthen water jug.
  • [40:13] Where do you go to get oleaster?
  • [42:15] The importance of find the right hyacinth flower.
  • [49:10] Nima tells us about hummingbirds in his magnolia tree.
  • [50:40] Nima’s Paparazzi endeavours are thwarted.

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