Newfoundland, the double double and where are my scissors?

Newfoundland and the Double Double, and where are my scissors?"

Welcome to another episode of "The Insomnia Project"! In this episode titled "Newfoundland and the Double Double, and where are my scissors?" your host Marco Timpano is joined by guest cohost Lois Tucker Keating for an exciting and lively discussion.

First up, Marco and Lois delve into a follow-up on quilting. But soon, the conversation takes a delightful turn towards the beautiful province of Newfoundland. They explore the welcoming nature of Newfoundlanders, the breathtaking landscape, and the vibrant music that fills the air.

The hosts share their desire to experience a traditional "boil up" and Marco can't hide his enthusiasm to join Lois' brother Neil on this adventure. They then shed light on the meaning of "the Double Double," a term often associated with Canada's famous coffee culture.

Both Marco and Lois express their love for the musical "Come From Away," which tells the heartwarming story of Newfoundland's response to stranded airline passengers during 9/11. Lois also shares her journey of learning to play the button accordion, an instrument deeply rooted in Newfoundland's folk music.

As the conversation meanders, Marco reveals his dream of having a gift wrapping room, while Lois talks about her ingenious gift wrapping door hanging station. The hosts then engage in a lighthearted and amusing discussion about the mystery of disappearing scissors—why do they always seem to go missing?

Towards the end of the episode, Marco and Lois shift gears to discuss various tools. From the practicality of a drain snake to the usefulness of a staple removal tool and the convenience of a cord buddy for extension cords, they explore the world of handy gadgets.

Join Marco and Lois as they embark on a charming exploration of Newfoundland's culture, share their quirks and passions, and engage in delightful banter about the little things in life. So sit back, relax, and let "The Insomnia Project" transport you to the enchanting world of Newfoundland and beyond.

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