Mirrors, Windows & Glass Doors (and Goose)

Mirrors, Windows & Glass Doors (and Geese)

Amanda and Marco begin the episode with listener tips and feedback and their upcoming trip to a spa. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [0:00] Ad free listening is now available
  • [2:05] Marco discovers he will be getting a “nature” massage.
  • [4:00] We discuss Lennox and Denby stoneware
  • [6:52] Amanda makes up a definition for Vertrify.
  • [8:10] Amanda looks up the definition of Vertrify and Vertrification.
  • [9:26] Book recommendation “Remarkable Bright Creatures”.
  • [10:30] Mirror discussion.
  • [12:15] Marco and Amanda give their version of “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”.
  • [13:55] Marco talks Bay Windows and French Windows.
  • [15:40] Amanda tells of the Dormer Window.
  • [17:30] French Doors and their in and out of style fashion. 
  • [21:58] Amanda talks about her love of Dutch Doors.
  • [23:51] The hosts discuss the sign “Beware of Goose”.

Resource Links:

Book: Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt.

App: House Sigma

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