Lily Dale, Saskatoon & Boston Beans

Lily Dale, Saskatoon, and Boston Beans

Welcome back to another dreamy episode of "The Insomnia Project!" In this episode titled "Lily Dale, Saskatoon, and Boston Beans," your hosts Amanda and Marco take you on a relaxing journey through their latest adventures and interests.

They start by reminiscing about a recent visit to their local community pool. Amanda shares how she feels like a graceful goldfish gliding through the water in the kiddie pool, while Marco ponders the similarities between community pools and libraries - both quiet, reflective spaces where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Speaking of libraries, Marco casually flips through some non-interesting magazines they have lying around. Amanda and Marco share a laugh as they dive into the fascinatingly mundane articles they found. Marco delves into the world of the majestic Black Walnut tree, revealing some unexpected tidbits that will leave you appreciating this tree's understated beauty. On the other hand, Amanda treats us to some delightful facts about the beloved Boston Baked Beans.

As always, Amanda and Marco have exciting plans ahead. They can't contain their excitement about their upcoming trips to Lily Dale, New York - a place known for its abundance of mediums and spiritual energy. Get ready for some intriguing stories and experiences from this extraordinary destination. Additionally, they share their anticipation for the scenic wonders and warm hospitality of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a place they can't wait to explore.

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So, get cozy, close your eyes, and join Amanda and Marco as they lull you into sweet slumber with their soothing voices and captivating tales. Sleep tight and until next time, dreamers!

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