The Interface Episode


This is last episode for season 5 of The Insomnia Project —We will have an episode for every day of December as we bring our holiday episodes to you.  

This episode Marco goes into a really deep dive into the journey he recently had with his audio interface which had Amanda trying to keep her eyes open in the studio. 

Marco also shares what he is grateful for including all the messages of how this podcast was an Insomnia help, Anxiety reliever and all around gentle show to listen to this season.Sneak-peek: 

● Amanda recounts her cabbage patch hair cut.

● Marco can’t help but smile as he talks about the nude bike ride in Madison, WI.

● Flowers always make an appearance on the podcast and this is no exception as we talk November blooms.

● Subway stops and subway stops that pose the curious question “who gets off at this stop?”

Host: Marco Timpano

Co Host: Amanda Barker 

Producers: Drumcast Productions 

Theme Music: Royalty Free

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