Hanukkah Episode with Jeff Ironi

Last day of Hanukkah

The Insomnia Project Holiday Episodes are back! 

Every day in December we will feature a different holiday themed episode with a festive feel. Some will be from Holidays past and some will be from Holiday present and if you give us your idea for an episode they will be featured in a Holiday future episode. Regardless sit back with a warm cup of cider, tea, cocoa, vin brulé, latte with pumpkin spice and enjoy the cheer we share with you. 

Today we celebrate Hanukkah and we have Jeff Ironi tell us about his memories and how he would dominate at spinning the dreidel. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [1:36] Hanukkah gelt.
  • [2:23] Jeff tells us about his Bubbe Rose and her holiday baking. 
  • [4:55] Jeff tells us about his Safta Nechama and her making Latkas.
  • [8:17] Jeff tells us how differently his parents would have celebrated Hanukkah
  • [9:37] Marco Hanukkah-splains the oil lamps to Jeff. 
  • [10:28] Jeff gives us tips on how to spin a dreidel to win and what each letter on the dreidel means.  
  • [13:33] Celebrating the holidays as a child vs. as an adult.  
  • [15:22] Jeff tells us some facts about the menorah
  • [17:25] Jeff explains his love for Christmas movies.
  • [19:20 ] Jeff explains how he celebrates the holidays in a multi faith household.
  • [21:52] Jeff explain how he likes to curl up with a blanket and nap during the holidays.

However you celebrate the holidays we wish you a calm and peaceful season and we are here for you and if you wanting to share the joy please tell people about The Insomnia Project.

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