Game Show Episode

Game Shows

Amanda and Marco talk about one of their guilty pleasures. The game shows they love.

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [00:00] Ad free listening is now available
  • [00:58] Amanda has a bone to pick with Jeopardy.
  • [02:50] Marco guesses Amanda’s favourite game show.
  • [04:00] Marco explains why he thinks The Price of Right isn’t his game.
  • [05:05] The Price is Right documentary.
  • [06:30] The hosts talk about their friend being a contestant on The Prices Right.
  • [10:50] Marco shares his Price is Right Experience.
  • [17:55] Amanda has a jeopardy lament but she is doesn’t want to disturb the listeners. 
  • [20:23] The new appreciation that Amanda has for jeopardy.
  • [24:00] Amanda & Marco talk about their pre-final-jeoporday-guesses.
  • [26:10] Marco talks about terrible Canadian Game shows: Bumper Stumpers, Mad Dash.
  • [27:00] Alex Trebek was the host of a game show called Pit Fall.

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My Gastric Sleeve


Quotes: “British Baking Show is the most comforting thing you can watch” —Amanda

  “Yes, let’s get the literature channel” — Amanda

“When in doubt just say Robert Frost” — Marco”

“The older dude, what’s his name? Sam something.”

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