Friends Gathering & Formage Set

We are grateful for some recent listener comments and begin the show with a couple of comments. This leads us to a whole discussion on whether Marco has been to Wisconsin or not, and how much Amanda really loves the state. We eventually get to how to prepare and enjoy a Gathering of Friends but first we talk about what it takes to have an "eye for design". Aside from all that Marco tells Amanda what he wants for his birthday.


● Places in Wisconsin to visit

● Having an eye for design.

● What goes through Amanda's head when she's on a massage table.

● Putting Ice in your milk, is that weird?

● What to do with an Awkward Nook.

● Defining what ADR is (automated dialogue replacement).

● The Fromage Set and what the handle should be made of.

● Fossilized Wholly Mammoth Ivory

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