Dec 26 - Boxing day

Boxing Day Episode

Today’s episode we find out why Boxing Day is Amanda’s favourite holiday.  We hear what Boxing Day is for Marco and what the actual day is about. It has become more than a day on the calendar for Amanda. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [2:25 Amanda rolls her eyes at Boxing Day and what she then discovers about it.
  • [3:39] Marco explains what Boxing Day has meant for him.
  • [4:38] Black Friday vs. Super Saturday
  • [6:28] Amanda explains her Blu Ray boxing day purchase.
  • [7:58] Amanda tells us how much she enjoys reading the book The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu.
  • [8:53] Amanda explains the Origin of Boxing Day. 
  • [14:01] Sporting Events that are watched on Boxing Day
  • [24:01] Terry’s Chocolate Orange and our favourite versions of those tasty treats.  

However you celebrate the holidays we wish you a calm and peaceful season and we are here for you and if you wanting to share the joy please tell people about The Insomnia Project.

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