Christmas on the Farm with Natasha

Christmas on the Farm with Natasha

The Insomnia Project Holiday Episodes are wrapping up. 

This episode was recorded a few years back on very noisy chairs so be warned there are some ASMR squeaks from chairs. 

Now it should be noted that Marco and Natasha have performed much comedy on stages so they do their best to make this calm episode but clearly they don’t always succeed. 

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [1:55] Natasha talks about getting her worst Christmas Tree.  
  • [5:12] Holiday Cheese Ball tales
  • [6:25] What makes a Sleigh Rides happen on the farm.
  • [8:00] Natasha tells us about her experience in the Holiday Parade.
  • [9:12] Fireplaces and Roasting Chestnuts.
  • [11:20] We learn what it really is like celebrating the holidays on the farm.
  • [12:00] Shortbread competition tales. 
  • [13:57 Natasha tells us her most Memorable Christmas Gift and her favourite New Kid on the Block.
  • [16:31] Gifts Natasha would get her mom for the holidays including the not so great gift.
  • [19:20] A Delicious Tradition that Natasha has with her sister and she shares us the recipe
  • [24:50] Cross Country skiing memories and Electric Fence Tobogganing.

However you celebrate the holidays we wish you a calm and peaceful season and we are here for you and if you wanting to share the joy please tell people about The Insomnia Project.

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