Chicago My Kind of Town

Chicago My Kind of Town

Marco and Amanda speak gently about their trip to “The Windy City” and all the other nicknames for Chicago. Also they talk about the Phoenix Cow of Chicago that rose from the acid and what department stores have possessive endings. A small tribute to Elsa Peretti  and the Chicago Bean, the architectural tours and our love for Jeanne Gang’s St. Regis Chicago. 

Here are Chicago’s nicknames:

  • Windy City
  • Second City
  • Chi-town
  • City of Big Shoulders
  • Chiberia
  • City in a Garden 
  • Great Commercial Tree
  • Mud City
  • City by the Lake
  • The City that Works
  • Heart of America
  • The Great American City
  • The City Beautiful
  • The 312 
  • Paris on the Prairie

Which is your favourite?

Resource Links:

Sienna Tavern

Harry Caray’s

The Twin Anchor Pub

Quotes: “Phoenix Cow rising from the acid” Amanda & Marco

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