Cardigans, Quiet streets and Poets

Cardigans, Quiet streets and Poets

On today's episode Marco & Amanda take us on a journey wearing a Cardigan and talking about poets.

A Sneak-Peek:

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  • [00:58] Amanda explains the two kinds of Cardigans she wears.
  • [01:58] The Sweater Set defined.
  • [03:58] Marco describes a Halloween brooch.
  • [04:58] Marco describes his holiday-ware.
  • [07:58] "The Old Man Jones Sweater"
  • [08:28] Marco talks about the Mac cap.
  • [09:37] Amanda and Marco talk about their favourite quiet street in Mexico City, New York, LA & Toronto.
  • [12:58] Marco talks about The Cloisters in NYC
  • [14:38] Amanda & Marco talk about Santa Clarita, California and its downtown.
  • [17:58] The Shim Sham gets mentioned yet again on the podcast.
  • [20:58] Amanda talks about Degrassi street.
  • [22:38] Drake gets a shout out on the podcast.
  • [23:38] Amanda tells us her favourite poets
  • [24:38] Leonard Cohen gets a shout out too.

  • Resource Links:

AGO Art Gallery of Ontario

Quotes: "Not Broochy by Nature" Amanda

"You look like a young, old man" Amanda

"Daily Parlance" Marco

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