Birthday's over the holidays

Birthday’s over the Holidays

It is Marco’s birthday so he tells a tale of an interesting and hilarious gift from his sister-in-law. We are still celebrating the holidays on this episode with a particular shout out to Chaka Khan.

A Sneak-Peek:

  • [1:30] Why we are using certain holiday songs.
  • [3:40] A most hilarious gift tale is told.  
  • [5:15] Marco makes fun of Virgos
  • [9:30] Amanda tells why not to freeze bagels. 
  • [14:10] Perfect gifts for each Astrological signs. 
  • [15:33] Marco expresses his admiration of Chaka Khan.
  • [19:58] Marco gets called out on his East Coast huff.
  • [30:18] Amanda tells us about a great success story of Cursed by Design.
  • [33:55] Marco describes a travel clothes accordion.

However you celebrate the holidays we wish you a calm and peaceful season and we are here for you and if you wanting to share the joy please tell people about The Insomnia Project.

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