Bells & Auctions

Bells & Auction 

Fan favourite Dan Barker is on this episode talking about his time working at an auction house. How to navigate your auction experience, how to prepare for the auction. Dan also tells us of his bell and milk bottle collection. 

A Sneak-Peek:

[1:00] Dan tells us how he came to work at an auction house. 

[2:17] The science of reading an auction crowd.

[3:15] Dan explains what makes him a dangerous auction hunter.

[5:53] What makes a good bell and how does it end up in Dan’s collection.

[6:55] Dan tells of his greatest bell find at an auction. 

[9:26] Milk bottles and how collectible they are

[10:42] Broken ink wells & milk bottles

[12:53] Dan talks about bidding wars at the auction.

[15:10] Dan tells the tale of when he found a hidden treasure in a stove pipe.

[17:38] The old rocking chair auction story.

[20:08] Dan does an intentional Boston accent.

[21:00] Tips when looking at silver at an auction house.

[22:15] Dan explains how you can tell if your silver object is “coin silver”

[23:00] The key ring find.

[26:00] Dan tells us the bells he is seeking and how you can tell a hand cast bell from one that is hammered out or pressed.


“I would imagine the Swiss know how to make a bell” - Marco

“buy what you like” - Dan Barker

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