Bask in Halfax

Bask in Halifax


•Introduce the special guest, Becka Barker, from Halifax

•Mention the topics to be discussed: libraries, delicious amaro, nooks in libraries, places to visit in Halifax and Dartmouth, impressive animals, and the colourful arts building in the North end of Halifax

Libraries as Hidden Gems

•Discuss the significance of libraries as community spaces

•Becka shares her passion for libraries and their unique features

•Talk about finding cozy nooks and comfortable corners in libraries for reading or working

•Share personal stories of memorable library experiences.

Delightful Amaro.

•Discuss the delicious amaro, its origins.

Exploring Halifax and Dartmouth

•Highlight the attractions and landmarks in Halifax.

•Discuss lesser-known gems in Dartmouth, including parks, museums, and local markets

•Becka shares her favourite spots in both Halifax and Dartmouth

Segment 4: Fascinating Animals that Leave Us in Awe

•Becka and the host share their favourite animals and the reasons behind their fascination.

The Blue Arts Building in Halifax's North End

•Talk about the iconic blue arts building in Halifax's North End

•Describe the building's cultural and art significance

•Share personal experiences or anecdotes related to the building.

•Discuss the impact of art and creativity in a community.


•Recap the main topics discussed in the episode: libraries, amaro, Halifax and Dartmouth attractions, impressive animals, and the blue arts building

•Thank Becka Barker for joining as a guest and sharing her insights and recommendations

•Encourage listeners to visit Halifax, explore its libraries, try delicious amaro, and appreciate the city's cultural offerings

Quotes: “Where did you last bask?” - Marco

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